Denon picks up multiple awards from ‘What Hi-Fi?’ in the 'What Hi-Fi? Awards'

Oct 12, 2017

Both our AVR-X6400H AV Receiver and D-M41DAB Micro System have each won a prestigious Best Buy Award from 'What Hi-Fi?' in the What Hi-Fi? Awards.

When reviewing the AVR-X6400H, 'What Hi-Fi?' said:

 "Spending over £2000 on an AV receiver is no frivolous matter. Good thing, this Denon AVR-X6400H - one of Denon's top AVRs for 2017 - takes its job seriously, then.

Not only is it decked out with all the features and technology you'd expect from a modern home cinema amplifier, it also delivers excellent performance that easily makes it worth spending serious money on.

It's a surprisingly musical amplifier, with a wonderfully fluid sense of dynamics that keeps you hooked on every word and action unfolding on screen."

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When reviewing the D-M41DAB, 'What Hi-Fi?' said:

"Denon has bettered itself in a field it was already leading. The D-M41DAB is impressive proof that great pound-for-pound hi-fi sound need not always mean several separate components.

Denon didn't necessarily need to release a new micro system. The multi-Award-winning D-M40DAB has hung around our most-read reviews list like an Adele record that simply refuses to drop out of the charts.

Logically, then, there are two explanations for the D-M41DAB. Either it's a subliminal reminder that Denon remains at the top of this tree or, in the near-two-year wait for the product's emergence, the company has once again managed to significantly better itself.

The lengths to which Denon has gone with this updated system would suggest the latter."

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