HEOS AVR wins AV Forums Recommended Award

Aug 20, 2017

“[…] a product that immediately stands out as different as soon as you look at it […]”

“The HEOS AVR certainly proved to be an excellent receiver in terms of its general 5.1-channel wired setup with a spacious and rounded performance.”

“[T]he big selling point of this receiver is its wireless capabilities. We were pleased to discover that setting up and optimising the system with three wired speakers at the front, two wireless speakers at the rear and a wireless subwoofer was very straightforward.”

“For those who are either looking for a less intimidating AVR or like the idea of having wireless rear speakers, then this is undoubtedly a product that is worth considering. In fact, even a knowledgeable AV enthusiast would be happy with this receiver, as long as they don't want a system with more than five channels.”