PMA-1600NE Winner HiFi-Choice Grouptest

Aug 08, 2017

"The built-in DAC is a good one and remarkably consistent across all the digital inputs. Sara Bareilles’ exquisite performance of I Can Let Go Now is lushly detailed, beguiling, musical and emotionally replete. What a set of pipes this girl has and her extraordinary dynamic range and subtlety are given full expression. Plug in the Chord Hugo DAC and switch off the amp’s digital circuitry, and it can almost bring you to tears. Things get better still, especially if you prioritise pace, flow and rhythmic integrity."

"Most telling, though, is what happens with the massed voices of Naturally 7. The Denon’s transparency and powers of discrimination most definitely win the day here, painting a collective composed of individual voices that makes the closely woven harmonies all the more spine tingling."

"We say: A terrific amp that does it all and sounds fabulous as it does so."