Our PMA-1600NE has picked up a ‘Group Test Winner’ award from Hi-Fi Choice

Jan 16, 2018


The PMA-1600NE has been awarded with the 'Group Test Winner' accolade and a 5 Star rating from Hi-Fi Choice. When discussing the PMA-1600NE, Hi-Fi Choice said, "The built-in DAC is remarkably consistent across all digital inputs. Sara Barielles' exquisite 'I Can Let Go Now' is lushly detailed, beguiling, musical and emotionally replete."

"...the massed voices of Naturally 7's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. The transparency and powers of of discrimination definitely win the day here painting a collective composed of individual voices that makes the closely woven harmonies all the more spine tingling."

Our 'PMA' model prefix stands for 'pre-main amplifier', and that's just how the PMA-1600NE is designed: it's a high-quality preamplifier, a superb digital-to-analogue converter able to handle ultra-high-resolution all the way up to 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz, and a powerful amplifier able to deliver 2x140W into 4ohms, all under one 'roof'. What's more, it uses Denon's unique six-block construction to separate the various elements, ensuring noise transfer between them is eliminated, separate power supplies for its analogue and digital sections to ensure signal purity, and Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimise unwanted vibration.

The digital section of the PMA-1600NE is based around Denon's famous Advanced AL32 Processing Plus, which enhances the digital signal by interpolating extra data points in order to produce a smoother, more 'analogue' output waveform. In this way, it recreates data lost in the digital recording process, giving a rich, detailed sound with excellent stereo imaging and expression.

Experience the sound of the PMA-1600NE for yourself at your local Denon Retailer.